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MODA is Multiplatform Media Brand. Our omni-channel apporach - magazine, online video, event and live experiences, as well as a rapidly growing social media network which Guarantees Maximum Reach, brand awareness and engagement.

Our platforms connect with an Affluent Target Audience of fashion experts, career women and trend seeker. We have an extensive portfolio of solutions to enrich our Advertiser's Stories, developing and highlighting their campaign on each of our platforms.

Today more advertisers are trusting magazine publishers to create content with the same integrity as they do their "Brand Stories". MODA is focus on creating "Custom Content" with a specific message geared to specific audience.

No.1 in Print and Digital

Most influential women's fashion magazine and over Three Million Coverage. MODA readers spend more on Fashion and Beauty each year than other Magazine.

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For Further details on brand opportunities across our platforms, contact our Account Service Hotlines 09 42000 7777 or sent email to sales@moda.com.mm

145 Pyay Road, Insein Township, Yangon, Myanmar